Room Reservations for Williams Hall

General Information
All space reservations for Williams Hall can now be made through the R25 SystemWhen reserving WI_070, WI_080, WI_440, WI_450, WI_RGC (Roemmele Global Commons), WI_RML (Roemmele Mezzanine Level), WI_TG (Torcivia Greenhouse, WI_RP (Roemmele Plaza), WI_MFT (Maida Family Terrace) and the WI_CK (Catering Kitchen) make sure you select “Williams Hall Request” in the Scheduling Office drop down menu. For WI_341 and WI_351 select “Student Center Request” in the Scheduling Office menu. Not doing so may delay a response.

Reservable Areas

The Herbert A. Roemmele '53 Global Commons (Roemmele Global Commons)
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A two-story space, a main floor with mezzazine, provides a modern forum for global news, events and discourse - a dynamic learning lab for global awareness and connections. With a nine panel media wall and flexible seating options, the commons offers a presentation space designed to foster dialogue and learning on global topics.


The Roemmele Global Plaza 
Connected by a bridge from Sayre Drive, a bright, sunlit plaza provides space for performances, gatherings and discourse. The plaza connects to the Torcivia Greenhouse and provides a beautiful entryway to the building, which at night radiates light - becoming a beacon in the landscape in the center of campus.


Torcivia Greenhouse
The Torcivia Greenhouse, located at the south entrance of the buidling, connects the Roemmele Global Plaza with the mezzanaine of the Roemmele Global Commons. This three season room provides cafe seating and workspace for small groups.


The Sharon O. Maida and James R. Maida '85 Family Terrace (Maida Family Terrace)
The exterior of the building has been transformed into a beautiful pedestrian area and plaza that offers students and faculty a place for interaction, discussion, and reflection.


Large Conference Rooms
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(maximum capacity 20 per room)
Lower Level 
Room 070
Room 080


Small Conference Rooms
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(maximum capacity 10 per room)
Fourth Floor
Room 440
Room 450